Comparing Cell Phones

So you are looking for a cell phone but your don’t know what cell phone is right for you? There are many factors that go into choosing a cell phone. Style, Function, and any other extras you may want to consider come with your cell phone.


Cell phones come in 3 different basic styles for the most part.

One is the Candy bar style where the number pad and screen are readily accessible at all time. The only negative to this style is that if the numbers are not locked, numbers can be pressed accidentally while it is in your pocket or purse.

The next style to consider and one of the most popular is the flip phone. The flip phone is basically clam shaped with a hinged center allowing openin and closing of the phone. The flip phone offers a more compact design to take up less space when you are not using it and also protection against pressing the number keys mistakenly while not in use.

Slider Phones are also another style that provide proctection against accidental key strokes on your phone. Slider phones are as describe. This style usually cover the numbers and only reveals the screen when closed and when is slid open, the numbers are revealed for access.


When deciding on a cell phone, the function is the next important factor in making your cellular choice. Funtions such as texting capabilities, speaker phone quality, internet browsing and the size of the phone book are just a few of things to consider.

If you are heavy texter, a phone with a qwerty keypad will be a better choice your texting needs. You will be able to text easier and more quickly. A good speaker phone will help for when your hands are busy driving or whatever else may preoccupy you from being able to hold your cell phone. If you think this is a function that you would use regularly, then you will want a high quality speaker phone function. If you have the need to access the internet frequently, the a cell phone with just standard internet browsing may not be exactly what you need. There are cell phone with upgraded browsers and software to make surfing the web on your cell phone much easier.

Extras to Consider

Want some of the newest tecnology on your cell phone? Everyday there is something new being made for you to use on your cellular device. Examples include cameras, video capture, bluetooth, and GPS. Bluetooth is a really popular way of talking on your cell phone. Bluetooth is the capability of your cell phone to communicate wirelessly with a another device such as an earpiece. Bluetooth earpieces allow you to answer calls and talk without have to touch your cell phone. Great for those on the go constantly.
Camera and Video Capture are another popular addition to your cell phone. Want to take a picture or record a video? You can do it now anywhere that you have your cell phone and even email to another cell phone or to a computer.
GPS is a great way to to check on your loved ones when your can’t get in touch with them or you can use them with a business to track where your workers are at any point and time. GPS service allow you to check locations usually through your cell phone and/or your computer.

As you can see, there is a a lot more than just talking that a cell phone emcompasses and has to offer. If you want to go basic or need all the extras and functions, there is a cell phone out there to fit your needs.

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